Kohatu & Petros: 9th of December – 14th of December

Kohatu + Petros is an independent, unique jewellery boutique established in 2006. Authenticity, elegance and style is at the heart of the brand. The jewellery has been designed to be worn and enjoyed everyday and is desired by customers for its beauty, individuality, and accessibility.

The demi-fine jewellery collections have longevity and wearability for years to come.

Every season Varney designs with new and exciting colour combinations and materials; inspired by art, fashion and new season trends which translate into everyday, unique and wearable jewellery. Using semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and gold vermeil, the collections are designed and handcrafted by Varney and team in her Marylebone Studio in London.

Opening Times: 

Christmas Shopping Event
9th December-14th December
Monday – Wednesday & Friday
Saturday 10am-5pm

For all enquires contact:

Varney Polydor

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Email: studio@kohatuandpetros.com

Website: www.kohatuandpetros.com

Instagram & Twitter: kohatuandpetrosjewellery