De Mimi’s Gallery: 31st of October – 11th of November

“The Last Night On Earth” & other stories Exhibition

by Lily Hargreaves


31 OCT – 11 NOV, 11 – 6 pm

closed Monday, 7 NOV


 Secret Bid Auction

3 NOV – 6 NOV


Auction Opening Drinks: Friday, 4 November, 6 – 9 PM



In her work, Hargreaves explores the roles of the trope, symbolism and the meta in storytelling. As a result, her work produces cartoonishly surreal depictions of an imagined narrative, set in a time that feels nostalgic and familiar but has never really existed. 

In her latest installation, ‘The last day on earth‘, Lily Hargreaves uses painting, drawing and sculpture to create a high point within her ongoing narrative of a fictional world that plays with its surrounding space as one separate from reality. 

Fragment-like, each canvas reveals another detail of the storyboard. Self-contained stories create her overarching fictional world that plays with the given (gallery) space in a captivating cinematic quality. 

The subject of her paintings veers between close-ups of bodies, caught in the moment, rich, descriptive interiors or seemingly random snapshots as fragments of the script. 

Her painting’s attributes range from myriads of details with a rich texture to simplistic descriptions of events and characters in a dreamlike, unearthly glow. 

Across the gallery, Hargreaves installations surround the visitor, creating an exceptional experience. In dialogue with the paintings, several drawings and sculptures will run through the exhibition to conjure the world as the artist imagines it, through a process that is equally attentive to inconspicuous details and significant events and emotions that have been dreamt and are yet to be discovered. 

The exhibition comprises three most recent scenes of her ongoing tale: ‘The Makeover’, ‘Elsie’s Funeral’, and ‘The last Day on Earth or The Party at Willowfield Manor’. 

We are delighted to be offering a large selection of 160 excellent works by Lily Hargreaves in our Event Gallery at 67 York Street. 

The collection is on display from Monday 31st October to 11th November. 

We hope you will join us on Thursday for evening of celebration and drinks, to be the first to place a bid on your favourite pieces and join Lily for a drink to explore the show. 

All works are available online – the secret bid Auction will be live from 31st October to 11th November at 23.59 pm.