Devanshi Jain: 22nd – 24th of June

Devanshi Jain is an interdisciplinary artist/designer from India, who explores the dynamic convergence of art, fashion, and bio-design. After gaining valuable experience in New York, including roles as a visual artist at Tom Ford and a footwear associate at Prada, she returned to her roots to establish her own eponymous neo-luxury accessory studio in New Delhi. Her studio is not only a haven for creativity but also a captivating oasis within the wilderness, offering a unique multi-sensory retail experience to a discerning audience. Guided by a commitment to collectable art and design, as well as eco-conscious materials, Devanshi Jain embarks on experimental processes to create limited edition series of wearable art, each serving as a distinct expression of her life’s non-linear chapters.


Alisha Phichitsingh is an artist/founder of THE EMPTY DINNER. The work created by THE EMPTY DINNER is heavily focused on creating art pieces that are functional within a home but evoke an emotional connection between the object and the user. The studio marries unconventional materials and new contemporary shapes to produce pieces that live in traditional spaces. “Our belief is that an object can’t serve its purpose without interaction with the space or user and we do this through curation and giving purpose to our objects. Every piece tells a story” 


The exhibition explores the works of Devanshi Jain and Alisha Phichitsingh as wearable and functional collectibles respectively. Both their practices enter into dialogue with each other addressing the discourse surrounding the ‘interplay of art and design’. The series (A) ‘chapter iv’ by Devanshi Jain and (B) ‘Flavored Water’ by Alisha Phichitsingh prompt a new perspective on the emergence of contemporary design from personal narratives, as they trace their inspiration behind creating them. 


A) chapter iv is a series of 5 sculptural hand bags.

“Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with the endless oscillation of the mind; what starts out as vision soon becomes debased into a carnival of impulse – chapter iv is an incarnation of those moments of fluidity, preserved. As free-flowing/uninterrupted forms are frozen, new variations are generated; leaving the viewer with a hymn to the outposts of my life.”

The pieces are fabricated with a bio-composite developed primarily from natural resin [soybean oil + lime] reinforced with hemp fibre & finished with milk protein-based pigment. 



B) Flavored Water is a collection of 5 unique 3D printed lamps. 

It examines the connection that humans have with water. Nearly all living beings contain large amounts of water in their bodies, water facilitates their functions. Water is used to communicate the sacred value of life, the spiritual dimensions of purification, protection and healing. When we feel a chaos in life we revert back to what’s inside of us, we use water to help bring clarity, calmness and purity back into our lives. By doing this we do the act of drinking water, looking at water and rinsing ourselves with water. The lamps contain different textures of water, the transparent nature of the work helps bring the viewer back to the feelings of purification, protection and healing. The pieces are printed with Z Glass filament which is a combination of PETG and glass fiber. They are then coated with a transparent substance to enhance a water-like finish. The lamps are a way to contain healing inside an object.




Devanshi Jain X The Empty Dinner

June 22nd – 24th of June

At the 67 York Street Gallery

Opening times 11 am – 7 pm