KO Art & Antiques: 19th of June – 2nd of July

Exhibition title:

From Appearance to Exposure

About the exhibition:

From Appearance to Exposure is a show focusing on the idea of performance and how we as ‘actors’ navigate our daily lives. The show is an exploration of both the psychological and physiological impact that we undergo as we have new experiences that undoubtedly shape how we move and engage with our environment and each other.

Participating Artists:

Sina Sophia Schmidt

Louise Reynolds

Yaya Yajie Liang

Kirin Crooks


Opening dates:

19th June – 1st July

19th June (Opening Reception 4pm – 7pm)

20th June – 1st July (12pm – 7pm)

2nd July (Closing with Panel Discussion)


For more details visit: KO Art & Antiques 

or email kensu@koartand.com


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